Shoot: Jory’s 2004 Subaru WRX STI

Earlier this month I hosted a giveaway/ contest specific to some of the guys over on the Western Subaru Club. To win, you simply had to share my <a href=””>Facebook</a> page. We had several entries and I drew Jory out of all the names. Funny enough - I previously shot his Honda CBR which is in an <a href=””>earlier blog!</a>
Jory chose to shoot his WRB Subaru STI which he’s owned for as long as I’ve known him. Quite an iconic ride within WSC - I’m pleased with how the shoot went..

We initially headed out north of town to the country in hopes of finding some nice snow covered roads. Unfortunately the roads were an absolute mess and covered in mud - not what I was expecting to see!! His ride got a little dirty but we didn’t let it slow the shoot. Snagged a quick static shot in-front of these farm silos and then headed back to town.

We made our way back into the north part of the city and ended up behind some shops in search of some loading bays. We found a pretty basic/ common area. Initially planning to shoot against the bays I overlooked the stone wall which was right behind us. Jory pointed it out and suggested a shot against it - I’m very glad he did because it turned out killer!!
Super stoked on these shots…

Congrats again on winning my contest, it was a great afternoon shooting your ride!

A couple behind the scenes instagram snaps - credits to Jory!

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