Shoot: Jim’s 2013 BMW HP4

I’m excited to share this recent session I had with my friend Jim. I previously spoke about Jim in the blog post on Jory’s Honda CBR. Jim’s a real fantastic guy and I’ve heard nothing but great things about him. He’s very well known within the riding community and I’ve heard great stories of him lending his time (perhaps even days at a time) to help others with their bikes!

With so many years riding under his belt (seriously - I’m not even going to say the number, just know.. it’s alot..) he’s a very experienced rider. I mean, you’d pretty much have to be to be sitting on an HP4, right? I don’t think I’d trust myself to even consider piloting such a machine. The below shot was taken along the brick road in Eau Claire..

Jim takes meticulous care of his bike and it really shows. The bike is CLEAN. Sounds amazing, looks amazing, and is super aggressive. Jim actually lead the way to the location for the above shots in a back alleyway behind Stephen Ave. “A diamond in the rough.”

We rolled out around 7:15pm, making perfect timing with the sunset. Some people refer to it as “the golden hour” but I’ve really noticed that here in Calgary it’s more-like “the golden 10 minutes.” The sun sets so quick and that window seems to get shorter and short each time. I’m stoked with how the rollers came out!!

Ended the night downtown working on a few last stills. Unfortunately didn’t get too many good shots in our last spot but I did manage to snag some awesome video footage there which tied in perfectly with the intro to the video I made!

I thought the song went well with the footage. I believe it’s called “be connected” or something along those lines (it’s difficult to find royalty free / copyright free music for Youtube videos) .. but it worked!

Will end this post with one final still image from the evening - Check out that helmet!!

A quick edit BTS of the above shot. Took out that logo on the dumpster!!

Thanks so much Jim for an awesome evening shooting your HP4!!

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