Shoot: Jason’s 2009 Subaru WRX STI

Met up with another member from WSC this past week who was interested in some shots of his recently acquired 2009 SWP STI. Such an awesome car - Can you tell I love GR’s yet? Hah! I also really dig the large spoiler on the rear hatch.. super aggressive but still a nice clean OEM look. We headed out along Memorial Drive again for a couple rollers which turned out awesome!

We made great timing as the sun was setting. During my previous shoot with Jim we passed beneath the Centre Street bridge. However, as we were approaching the light changed yellow and there was some confusion. Neither of us knew if the other was going to stop on the yellow or if it was too late.. so I didn’t end up getting a shot beneath it!! During this shoot we hit it right on green and I am stoked with how the shot came out just after the bridge with it in the background…

I always like shooting rollers against a bridge or something similar - It really helps the subject car (or bike) stand out.

Next we headed north on the freeway and ended up in the industrial area I found a few weeks ago. There’s probably 5 back-roads with industrial warehouses on both sides. Endless locations to shoot in back loading bay / dumpster areas!!

As the sun set we literally just drove across the block to the front entrance of this building. I saw the lighting from down the way and had a good feeling about it - the shot turned out pretty great!

One last shot I tried to get a higher perspective, the four spot-lights above made it a really neat shot! (Bokeh background on a 10-20?? How!?! - Secret…)

Awesome shooting with you Jason, car looks great!

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