Personal: DIY Camera Car Rig

This past week I spent most of my evenings planning and building a car rig for some epic roller shots!! It turned out awesome, I’m actually impressed with myself haha…
I initially began with some research online, then started planning and creating a very simple sketch with the dimensions I wanted. The hardest part was finding a suitable “boom” for the rig. I tried Home Depot, Home Hardware, Lowes, and Rona but none of them carried anything except for steel and EMT (electrical conduit metal.) I needed aluminum for it’s weight and strength. After calling several places in town I finally found a fabrication shop that was able to help me with my project…

They take correct terminology very seriously. When I called asking for a couple inch diameter “pipe” I was told that such a small size is considered a “tube,” not a “pipe.” I headed down after work one afternoon and they let me come in the back and cut the tube with me there. It was perfect!
That same day my parts arrived from B&H Photo in New York City. I ordered Avenger F1000 suction cups and Manfrotto Super-clamps. Each can support 15kgs (33lbs) adding up to a total of 66lbs of support.

I also picked up a Manfrotto magic arm from our local camera store, Vistek. Glad I made the purchase, well worth the extra money.
I then had to connect my sections of tube together. I decided to couple the tubes by having smaller tubes cut that fit the inner diameter of the bigger tube. (So, small tubes go inside each end of the bigger tube.) I drilled 1/4” holes through each end and completed the connections with a bolt and a butterfly nut. I did this so that I could pack it up and transport the boom easily, and efficiently set it up on location. Worked perfect!!

Once I had everything complete - it was time to head out and test it… My first ever rig shot. Definitely not perfect but a great start in my eyes.

Headed out again early this morning (a bit earlier this time) and caught that perfect sunrise light.. which is what I was hoping to do in my first shot but I was too slow. I’m very happy with how this shot turned out..

Can’t wait to get out and use this more!

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