1. Shoot: Jim’s 2013 BMW HP4

    23 Jul 2019
    I’m excited to share this recent session I had with my friend Jim. I previously spoke about Jim in the blog post on Jory’s Honda CBR. Jim’s a real fantastic guy and I’ve heard nothing but great things about him. He’s very well known within the riding community and I’ve…

  2. Shoot: Jory’s 2004 Subaru WRX STI

    23 Jul 2019
    Earlier this month I hosted a giveaway/ contest specific to some of the guys over on the Western Subaru Club. To win, you simply had to share my <a href=””>Facebook</a> page. We had several entries and I drew Jory out of all the names. Funny enough - I previously shot…

  3. Personal: YYC Peace Bridge

    23 Jul 2019
    I’ve been wanting to make a trip down along Memorial Drive for some time now to checkout the Peace Bridge. The bridge was completed and opened back in 2012 - and before last night I had never actually walked across it. I don’t commute or have any business in that…

  4. Shoot: Jason’s 2009 Subaru WRX STI

    23 Jul 2019
    Met up with another member from WSC this past week who was interested in some shots of his recently acquired 2009 SWP STI. Such an awesome car - Can you tell I love GR’s yet? Hah! I also really dig the large spoiler on the rear hatch.. super aggressive but…

  5. Personal: DIY Camera Car Rig

    16 Mar 2017
    This past week I spent most of my evenings planning and building a car rig for some epic roller shots!! It turned out awesome, I’m actually impressed with myself haha… I initially began with some research online, then started planning and creating a very simple sketch with the dimensions I…

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